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Oz Phonics School Lesson Plans

The following documents provide example lessons using the Oz Phonics apps series, in combination with non-tech activities and worksheets. These lesson plans are a guide only. The lessons should be tailored to each classroom, taking note of student engagement, attention span and speed of progress.

Where classrooms have an interactive whiteboard, it is generally possible to plug an iPad into the interactive whiteboard in order to demonstrate the activities to the class. Note that all app interaction will still be done on the iPad, with the whiteboard only used to “reflect” the iPad screen. Details of iPad/interactive whiteboard connection methods can be found here.

Lessons should not try to work on sound, letters or words always in isolation. Lesson plans working with sound or letters should always try to include some work with words, even if it is only a small part of lesson. Where the lessons work with reading/spelling of words, the lesson should try to include some work with sentences, even if only a small part of the lesson.

Teachers should always check that the students understand the meaning of the words and sentences they are working on.

pdf1 Lesson Plan: Phonemic Awareness – Beginning Sounds
pdf10 Lesson Plan: Phonemic Awareness (isolation) – Missing beginning, middle and end sounds. Blending.
pdf10 Lesson Plan: Phonics – Letter/Sound relationships. Blending sounds to make simple words.
pdf10 Lesson Plan: Phonics – more letter/sound relationships, words, simple sentences.

More lesson plans coming Soon!