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A Phonics Reading System for iPad

Oz Phonics is an iPad-based reading system that caters for beginning readers and students from non-English speaking backgrounds. Our system is used by parents/carers, teachers and speech pathologists. In addition to iPad apps, we provide free printable worksheets, and firmly believe that interest and help from a teacher or parent, are what makes a good educational app great.

Oz Phonics 5 Screen Shot Oz Phonics 5 Screen Shot

Oz Phonics 5  Coming Soon!

Spelling Patterns - Long A, E, I

Moving beyond the basic phonics code covered in our earlier apps,  Oz Phonics 5 covers all the spelling patterns for the /long a/,  /long e/,  and /long i/ sounds.   There are 78 demonstration and exercise screens grouped into lessons for each sound and spelling:

Spelling patterns reference.
Sort words by spelling pattern.
Phonics find-a-word with sounding out.
Find the missing grapheme (letters).
Spelling pen and paper.
Homophones reference.
Sound spotter stories.

Spelling patterns covered:

Main /long a/ spellings – a-e, ay, ai and a
Alternative /long a/ spellings – ei, eigh, ey, ea, eig, e, et, ag
Main /long e/ spellings – ee, ea, y, ie, e, e-e
Alternative /long e/ spellings – ey, I, eo, ei, ay, oe
Main /long i/ spellings – ie, I, y, igh, ie
Alternative /long i/ spellings – uy, ig, eye, eigh, ui, hy, ai

Oz Phonics 4 Screen Shot

Oz Phonics 4

Long Vowel Spellings and R-Controlled Vowels

Oz Phonics 4 has 21 exercises divided into 5 lesson groups. The app builds on the content of the Oz Phonics Intro, 1, 2 and 3 apps.

Lesson group 1 introduces some new sound/letter relationships. The ‘c’ making the /s/ sound, as in ‘city’. The ‘g’ making the /j/ sound, as as in ‘gentle’. The /ng/ sound at the end of the word ‘ring’ is also introduced, with the letter ‘n’ by itself, also making this sound, as in the word ‘bank’.

Lesson groups 2, 3, and 4 introduce the long vowel sounds(letter name sounds) and some of their spellings. These 3 lesson groups also follow the same format as lesson group 1, demonstration, missing letter exercise, word finder, reading practice. More long vowel spellings will be covered in the Oz Phonics 5 app.

Lesson group 2 covers ‘letters by themselves” in a word (/long a/ sound in the word baby, /long e/ in the word ‘be', etc.).

Lesson 3 covers “letters with an ‘e’ separated by a consonant” (tape, note, cube, etc.). Note that the ‘u-e’ combination produces two different sounds, /oo/ in ‘nude’ and /yoo/ on ‘cube’.

Lesson group 4 covers “letters next to an ‘e’” (pie, bee, toe, blue). Also included is the ‘ye’ making the long ‘I’ sound as in the word ‘bye’.

Lesson group 5 introduces r-Controlled Vowels. ‘er’, ‘ir’, ‘ur’ all making the same sound, and the sounds ‘ar’ and ‘or’.


Oz Phonics 3

Consonant Blends, CVCC Words, Digraphs, Spelling

Oz Phonics 3 is the 3rd app in a step by step reading system. Following on from Oz Phonics 1 and 2, this app introduces ending consonant blends, pen and paper spelling exercises and digraphs. On completion of the first 3 apps and free worksheets, students should have a good knowledge of short vowel sounds, most consonant sounds and some digraphs. Most importantly, students should develop strong phonemic awareness skills, which have been proven to be a good indicator of later literacy skills.

This app currently supports American, Australian and New Zealand accents.

Key Reading Skills

Identify and read the sounds/letters in CVCC words.
Spell CVC, CCVC and CVCC words by listening and identifying the sounds in a word, then writing letters to represent those sounds.
Identify the word created by removing a sound (phoneme deletion) from another word.
Develop an awareness of different letters (graphemes) used to represent the same sound. The letter ‘s’ making the /z/ sound is introduced here.
Learn 7 digraphs (two letters representing one sound – ‘sh’, ‘ch’, ‘ph’ etc.)
Choose a missing digraph to complete a word.

Oz Phonics 2

CVC, CCVC words, Consonant Blends, Sentences

Following on from Oz Phonics 1, Oz Phonics 2 is the second app in a step by step system for teaching reading. Students need to have a good idea - not necessarily a perfect grasp - of the exercises in Oz Phonics 1 before beginning Oz Phonics 2.

This app currently supports American and Australian accents, with further accents to be added very soon.

Key Reading Skills

Identify and read the sounds/letters in VC (vowel, consonant, eg. 'in', 'on', etc) and CVC words
(consonant vowel consonant, eg. 'sun', 'bus', etc).
“Sound out” words.
Develop awareness of stressed and unstressed speech (the lazy vowel).
Read and construct sentences
Learn the sounds of consonant blends (‘sp’, ‘st’, etc).
Read and construct CCVC words such as ‘step’, ‘blob’ etc.

Oz Phonics 1

Phonemic Awareness & Letter Sounds

This app is the first in a step-by-step system for teaching reading. Consistent with reading research findings, Oz Phonics concentrates on building a student's listening and sound identification / manipulation skills before introducing letters.

This App supports American, Australian and New Zealand accents.

Key Reading Skills

Differentiate between English sounds and match identical ones.
Distinguish between words starting with different beginning sounds.
Identify words that don’t rhyme.
Complete a word by choosing a missing sound.
Learn the letters that can make a particular sound (sound to letter).
Learn the sounds that can by made by a particular letter (letter to sound).

Oz Phonics IntroToReading

Discover the sounds of reading

A fun and effective introduction to the Oz Phonics reading system. Ideal for toddlers and preschoolers who are showing signs of interest in reading.

This app supports American, Australian, British and New Zealand accents.


Key Reading Skills

Listen to, remember and match distinct phonics sounds.
Identify 15 English language phonics sounds.
Learn sound-to-letter and letter-to-sound relationships.
Construct and identify basic words by combining phonics sounds.
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