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"Sounding Out" Words

Once your child begins to learn the letter sounds they can start on these worksheets. The first 8 worksheets are for practicing the “sounding out” technique. Please view the videos below to see “sounding out” in action.  If your child does not know all the letter sounds then they can “tap them out” on app screen 10, “Phonics Touch Pad”.  Through frequent practice, many students will learn the words by sight, but the aim of these worksheets is to practise sounding out.



See video demonstration of "sounding out" exercises in American, New Zealand and Australian accents.

Sentence Exercises

Once the student can sound out some words, they can start on simple sentences, “sounding out” individual words if necessary. Note that all sentences are formed beginning with a capital letter and finishing with a fullstop (or ? for questions). Most beginner readers will find these sentences difficult. Provide help where necessary, and talk about the sentences and what they might mean.

Ideas For Further Exercises


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Sentences With Blends

Once the students can sound out CCVC words, they can start on these simple sentences containing at least one CCVC word. Read the sentence fluently after the student has read it, and make sure the student understands the sentence.

pdf13 Oz Phonics - Worksheet 13
pdf14 Oz Phonics - Worksheet 14
pdf15 Oz Phonics - Worksheet 15
pdf16 Oz Phonics - Worksheet 16

lvl1-logoOz Phonics 3 - App Worksheets

Find the missing word

The following worksheets enable the student to practise reading sentences containing words with blends and digraphs. Most importantly, the exercises cannot be done without an understanding of the sentences and words. Reading without understanding is of no use to anyone. Check that the student understands the sentences/words they read. ESL (English as a second language) students will require extra help to develop vocabulary (word knowledge).


Fill in the missing letters – words with consonant blends and digraphs. Sentence writing practise. Colour illustrated worksheets.

lvl1-logoOz Phonics 5 - App Worksheets

Worksheet Set /long a/

pdfADaydreamingSnail A Daydreaming Snail
SetA-1 Set A - Worksheet 1
SetA-2 Set A - Worksheet 2
SetA-3 Set A - Worksheet 3
SetA-4 Set A - Worksheet 4
SetA-5 Set A - Worksheet 5
SetA-6 Set A - Worksheet 6

Worksheet Set /long e/

pdfADaydreamingSnail The Sleepy Sheep
SetA-1 Set B - Worksheet 1
SetA-2 Set B - Worksheet 2
SetA-3 Set B - Worksheet 3
SetA-4 Set B - Worksheet 4
SetA-5 Set B - Worksheet 5
SetA-6 Set B - Worksheet 6

Worksheet Set /long i/

pdfADaydreamingSnail A Fly, A Spider and A Kite
SetA-1 Set C - Worksheet 1
SetA-2 Set C - Worksheet 2
SetA-3 Set C - Worksheet 3
SetA-4 Set C - Worksheet 4
SetA-5 Set C - Worksheet 5
SetA-6 Set C - Worksheet 6

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